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Top 10 Best 90’s Actors

The 90s actors across the different types of films are many and choosing only ten from the list is not an easy task. These artists made a hit after another, entertained the world, made tongues wag from their great talent, and won awards in the 90s. Continue Reading

Movies and Cinema

Unforgettable Movies of The 90’s

The 90’s were a truly benchmark time in cinema if you think about it. So many influential movies came out in that genre-defining decade that they won’t all be included here. With the computers of then being a fraction of what they are today, the looks are obviously one of the huge differences. But, the way they were filmed in general will never be the same either.

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Point and Figure, Candlesticks and AlfaTrade for Today Trading

Candlestick Charts

One financial chart used to describe prices achieved of a security, currency or derivative is called Candlestick Chart. Each “candlestick” reflects one day. It is like a combination of line-chart and a bar-chart, with the premise that each bar represents all four pieces of important information for that day:
• open,
• close,
• high
• low. Continue Reading


Comprehension of the Basics of Forex Trading

Definition of Forex

Forex exchange or forex commonly abbreviated as (FX) is a trade that involves the exchange of currencies with the view to making gains. It is conducted by buying one currency at lower prices and selling another at a higher price while taking advantage of the exchange rate to make profits. The essence of forex is speculation and making profits from correct analysis of the market. The currencies are traded in pairs, for instance the US Dollar and the Sterling Pound, whereby an investor sells the Sterling Pound and buys the US Dollar. Continue Reading


Guidelines to create a Successful Business

Creating a new business can be exciting; however, it can also seem daunting and overwhelming at times. In order to be successful with a new business there are several key things that will make it happen such as always following your gut-instincts. Following your gut-instincts will help you proceed with caution throughout your new business venture because as your business unfolds, you will know in your gut when something is right or when it could be detrimental for your business! Continue Reading