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Unforgettable Movies of The 90’s

The 90’s were a truly benchmark time in cinema if you think about it. So many influential movies came out in that genre-defining decade that they won’t all be included here. With the computers of then being a fraction of what they are today, the looks are obviously one of the huge differences. But, the way they were filmed in general will never be the same either.

Silence of The Lambs

If you’ve ever watched this truly masterful film, then you probably still feel a shiver when the image of Hannibal Lecter pops into your mind. Who could forget Buffalo Bill for that matter? The psychotic serial-skinner who wore a woman suit? Anthony Hopkins, Ted Levine and Jodie Foster put on remarkable performances that chill onlookers to this day.

the silence of the lambs

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The T-800 was the stuff of nightmares. The first movie had fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation as the cold metal machine relentlessly pursued Sarah Connor. Many aspects of James Cameron’s masterpiece are still mimicked by many other directors’ to this day. Who could blame them?

The Matrix

The original Matrix blew people’s minds with the (new) bullet time film style. The choreography in the fight scenes were truly unforgettable and intense. The effects of the film had people second guessing at their own reality. The fact that Keanu Reeves did practically every one of his stunts had people looking at him in a whole new way and established him as a huge player in Hollywood. What a film!

Jurassic Park

You can’t speak about huge movies from the 90’s without mentioning this film. Micheal Crichton’s novel was brilliantly adapted into film by master director Steven Spielberg and produced some of the most memorable moments of film that decade. Nobody can forget the terror they felt as the raptors hunted the kids through the kitchen, or the way they gasped at the realism of the mighty T-Rex. The magic of that movie will probably never be recaptured…
There were far more films to cover, but these are some of the most talked about movies of all time. The fact that they all stemmed from the same decade is worth noting. What a great time for movies.