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Tips and Tricks to Finding Deals on Hotels

Choosing the right hotel for your trip or vacation is always a trying task. With many various promotional deals and programs available it can be overwhelming at times.

On top of the tedious work, there are hotels that post tantalizing photos and slick promotions that make you believe you will be bathed in luxury before you even step foot in the lobby.

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Fact or Fiction: is it the right hotel for you?

Whether you are traveling alone or with family, everyone has different needs. Whether it is great deals, a great location or just a great Bed and Breakfast, ask yourself this: “is this the right hotel for me?”

Set your standards, set your budget and set your location. Not every price represents the hotel or location and not every location represents the price or quality of hotel.


Research the reviews when you compare hotels. They can give you a basic understanding of what the hotel represents. Be careful though. Don’t completely focus on poor reviews. They can be misleading just because most sites allow reviews from just about anyone.

For example, one individual encounter with a somewhat rude front desk clerk could over exaggerate his or her review. The same applies for the positive side of reviews. Some hotel will hire people just to post good reviews that masks the actual quality of the hotel. Sneaky as it is, it happens.

Search, Search and Search!

There are many search sites at your disposal to find and book hotels for your trip or vacation. However, multiple sites can list the same room at different rates. To find the best deals on hotels, you can use a hotel price comparison site, such as hotelscan, which will give you a bargaining advantage.